UK Skin and Laser Clinic in Clapham, London is a new business venture in the UK from leading Australian practitioners. They needed a clinic where they could offer state of the art skincare and laser hair removal technology, however, the property they had acquired needed a considerable amount of work to transform it into the exceptional venue they envisaged.

As this was their first premises in the UK, they were looking for an experienced team who could help to guide the project from start to finish. This meant working with the clinic to shape the brief, adhere to UK compliance guidelines and meet any unforeseen challenges with a “can do” attitude.  

We wanted to partner with someone we aligned with on a personal level, who wasn’t overly structural in their approach and who could allow for some flexibility on our part. Other companies we spoke to seemed very rigid in their approach but we needed someone who wouldn’t sweat the small stuff and essentially partake in the process to work out what we needed, coming on the journey with us” – Sam, Owner of UK Skin and Laser Clinics.

The unit was to be split into 4 independent treatment rooms, a reception and waiting area, bathroom and staff room with a high spec finish. The unit also required a new shop front with floor to ceiling glass doors and windows and illuminated signage.

The current building had not been maintained in years, was in poor condition and needed considerable structural repair which hadn’t been initially expected. Instead of receiving a shell unit for fitting out immediately, once we started stripping the existing building back in preparation we found that this wasn’t the case.

This included repair to the floor of the flat above the clinic, segregating the ground floor clinic from the above property, dealing with serious damp issues and fireproofing.

RCE Services tackled these problems by repairing the floor of the property above the clinic in just two days (waiting for the landlord of the above dwelling to act would have been a lengthy process that could have considerably held up the entire renovation). We segregated the ground floor property from the flat above, stripped and tanked the walls to tackle any remaining damp and fire-proofed the lower building.

As soon as the unit was structurally sound, we could begin the second stage of the renovation process.

It was necessary that the lighting was optimal for carrying out laser hair removal procedures. We came up with multiple options for the clinic, deciding on fitting the correct CRI indexed, surgical standard lighting for maximum visibility.

RCE fitted specialist power suppliers for laser hair removal equipment, comprehensive but discreet ventilation and air conditioning to create an ideal, comfortable and safe environment for the clinic to perform their procedures.

Plumbing was also fitted into each separate treatment room of the clinic.

Finally, we fitted Karndean plank (engineered wooden) flooring, bespoke furniture and all treatment room furniture.

The clinic took five weeks to complete from start to finish.

The build is pretty spot on. We didn’t know exactly how it would turn out as we had so many last minute revisions to the architectural drawings, but this wasn’t a problem for RCE Services. They would definitely be my preference to shop-fit any other clinics we open in future.Sam, Owner of UK Skin and Laser Clinics.

Image of the inside reception area looking out onto the street of UK Skin and Laser clinic in Clapham
Image of the inside reception area looking out onto the street of UK Skin and Laser clinic in Clapham