UK Skin Laser Clinic

London|7th September 2018|

UK Skin and Laser Clinic in Clapham, London is a new business venture in the UK from leading Australian practitioners. They needed a clinic where they could offer state of the art skincare and laser hair removal technology, however, the property they had acquired needed a considerable amount of work to transform it into [...]

MAJE Selfridges

London|7th November 2016|

Simultaneously to the Sandro concession re-fits, RCE Services was approached by the stylish and elegant French women’s ready-to-wear store Maje to complete a full re-fit of their concession within Selfridges within a three week time frame. Again, to ensure the rest of the Selfridges store remained open to their exclusive customers, it was [...]

Sandro Selfridges

London|7th September 2016|

Due to the success of our electrical work in Covent Garden Sandro store RCE Services were approached to complete the re-fit of the Sandro Mens and Sandro Womens concessions within Selfridges flagship store on Oxford Street. As the two concessions are surrounded by open trading floors in one of the most iconic shops in [...]

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