Established housing provider, Accent Group, needed a boardroom creating in their offices that would serve as a central meeting and communications point for their company. The site for the new boardroom was an open plan office space within Accent Group’s site in Shipley.

As the Accent Group operates from several locations UK-wide, it was necessary that a new boardroom could accommodate the necessary technology to support conferences, presentations, board meetings and video-conferences.

They also required high-spec integrated window blinds coordinated alongside LED lighting dimming and colour change.

The construction occurred during working hours which required RCE to work quickly and meticulously and cleaning as we worked so as to create minimal disruption.

We installed plasterboard partitions, a suspended ceiling, flooring and stud walls to separate the boardroom space from the open plan office.

Using an intelligent lighting colour control system we incorporated specialist interfacing for three different protocols including RGB colour changing, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol and blind motion controls.

The audio, surround sound and integrated audio was also set up to be operated with a central control.

To ensure seamless operation and unparalleled quality and speed, RCE Services also sourced and provided state of the art equipment for presentations and video conferencing.

Construction of the entire boardroom was completed in just four weeks including decorating, electrics and AV.